Monday, July 30, 2007


I'm having an interesting conversation with Ginger Lewman about individual blogs. We both clearly recognize the benefits of group blogsites, such as the one I use - Class Blogmeister. The children create a network of readers, just by being a part of the site. The audience is ready made and easily increased by commenting to other blogs and leaving URLs. Having an audience gives writing a purpose, which leads to better writing (at least that's the desire).

And blogging in a social network, like Classroom 2.0, also affords one the opportunity to begin discussions, simply because of the ready-made audience. The blog, then, becomes the discussion starter. Comments lead to connections, people read what you have to say, you feel like people are really interested in your thoughts and ideas, and you can find like-minded people to work with.

But individual blogs...where's the audience? I link my blog everywhere hoping to attract an audience so I don't feel like I blog for nothing. Without an audience, I might as well write in my diary that I keep at my bedside. I'm not sure how long I can keep this blog going without an audience. But I'll try for a while longer.

Maybe next I'll attempt to podcast without an audience. That's Ginger's next project. And just to help her out..check out her podcast at It's really fabulous and, since this is her first, she needs an audience. Good luck, Ginger. Your podcast is worth listening to!


Durff said...

I'm in the audience.

LewmanTPLC said...

Lisa, I'm here too. I don't check in with every blog, but I do some marathon reading from time to time

btw--thanks for NOT writing a dissertation every time you blog--again, a terrible "lecturer" habit of pontificating from any ready-made stage.

Finally, thanks for linking to my's my grand experiment to see if I'm a social podcaster or simply a lecturer. I'm building the background library and it can also be found under "Ginger Snapz!" on iTunes! :)

Keep rocking Lisa!

Mr Harrington said...

Hi Lisa just leaving you a comment on the Voki - yay Voki :) Good Job

Paul H

Ryan Bretag said...

I'm an audience member and one that hopes you continue to blog.

Heck, this post itself raises a number of issues that have my mind working in circles: importance of audience, student blogging and gaining an audience, and commenting.

Keep up the great work!

Mr Harrington said...

You've been tagged :)

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Saedel said...

Present!! ;)

I'm relatively new to blogging, my first intention was to make money online. However as soon as I made my First Post, it took the backseat. I just wanted to share my personal experiences.

Keep on blogging!