Thursday, July 12, 2007

Second Life and Other Thoughts

Yesterday I spent some more time in Second Life. I am having fun meeting people although can't keep real names and SL straight so I never seem to remember who I am talking with.

I am still waiting for the big AH HA moment that makes me realize how this site is anything more than a social network. I did see something Peggy Sheehy wrote about doing a health class on body images using avatars. I thought that was a great idea. I just can't see setting up accounts for all my students and teaching them how to navigate around, would be worth it for a health lesson. I need more.

Today I'm taking Ali to see the Harry Potter movie. Must get away from this computer. I'm actually dreaming about Web 2.0 apps. It's summer and I really need to shut down for a few days or weeks or I'll be burned out before school even begins. Oh my poor brain.

But I am having fun. Made a VoiceThread this morning..very cool, can see the application to the classroom. Skyped a conference call last night with Ginger and Christine. That was exciting, especially when Frank joined in to discuss virtual fieldtrips. The tricky part was that I was chatting with Durff et. al. at the same time. I was loving the conversation and hope to join again soon. I also played around with ZoHo and Google apps yesterday. And this is why I dream about Web 2.0.

I'm going to have breakfast now...away from the computer. Whew!

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Durff said...

Is student engagement worth it? Unfortunately, SL is not the place for students. But there are many other virtual worlds built with the student in mind.
You were fantastic!