Saturday, August 18, 2007

Winding Down My Summer

As my days of leisure (ha) dwindle, I am beginning to enter panic mode. What did I plan on doing that I never accomplished? What do I still need to do before school starts? Do I really have time to accomplish what I need to? Do I have time to write this blog when I have so much to do?

So first, in order to, perhaps, make myself feel better, I decided to think about what I did accomplish this summer. So here is a list of 10 things I completed. Let's see:

1. I cleaned out all my closets and donated a ton of old clothes.
2. I refaced and painted the shed.
3. I weeded the beds in the yard. (Okay, I only did that once and by now you can't even tell it was done but...)
4. I learned how to webcast. Although I am not graduating from the Webcast Academy anytime soon, and still am in the planning stage of a second show, I feel this is still an accomplishment of which I can be proud. 5. I met an incredible amount of educators who love to collaborate and with whom I will be connecting during the year.
6. I learned to sit down and chat in Second Life. (I would love to say I mastered SL but all I really learned to do was sit and stand. But at least I met some people to talk with. Blogger's Cafe Rooftop is fun even if I can't build anything.)
7. I discovered and have been using Twitter.
8. I sort of mastered Skype.
9. I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. I also read many other books but that was the one everyone was talking about that I HAD to read.
10. I went through Responsive Classroom training. Can't wait to put it into use.

Now coming up with 10 accomplishments was difficult for me. My list of things that I should have done but didn't (mastering Google Earth, graduating from Webcast Academy, completing my wiki and SmartBoard lessons for my class in October, cleaning out my kitchen cabinets, getting into a good workout routine before the start of school, etc.) is a much easier list for me to create.

But maybe now it's time to let that go. It's time to see if I can move on without beating myself up over what I didn't accomplish this summer. And be proud of what I have done. On to the 2007-2008 school year! Let's see what we can accomplish together!

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Colleen said...

I totally understand that panicking thing. I didn't accomplish half of what I intended to do this summer. Your list has inspired me to create a list of my own. I can't imagine finding anywhere near 10 things to write but we'll see. Your list, by the way, looks very impressive. I think you can return to school feeling pretty good.