Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"This I Believe" Meme

Patrick Woessner tagged me for this meme. "This I Believe" is a National Public Radio show of essays from people who share their philosophy on life. The meme is a simple challenge to share your philosophy of education. Here is my contribution to the meme:

1. I believe that educators have a duty to create a nurturing, engaging, inviting environment that is accepting of and beneficial to all students.

2. I believe that educators must teach students to be responsible for their own education. They are responsible for completing assignments, for showing effort in school work, for speaking up when they need assistance, for learning. We are responsible for teaching but they are responsible for learning.

3. I believe that this world is falling apart quickly and education is the only way to save it. We must teach our students to be responsible for and respectful of the world and all its inhabitants. And we must always remember that our students will be ruling the world soon. How do we want them to rule?

4. I believe that every child has the potential for greatness and it is our job as educators to find their venue. Maybe they are slated to be the new positive world leader, the next big thinker, the latest inventor, creator of a best-selling book, platinum record, or museum art. We must allow them to express themselves positively using many tools in order to help them find their arena.

5. And, last, I believe that every child has the right to have great teachers year after year. One year full of boredom, one year of no recognition, one year of failure is one year too many in the life of a child.
Thank you, Patrick, for this meme. It made me think quite a bit about why I do what I do. Sort of renewed me. And now..
I tag:
Cathy Jo Nelson, because she seems like someone who likes to say what she believes.
Diane Cordell, because she makes me laugh and I think she'd like a tag.
Christine Southard, because I'd like to see if her philosophy matches mine. :p
Brian Crosby, because I think my newest network friend should be tagged.
Lisa Durff, because I also think my oldest network friend should be tagged. *Please note that oldest refers to the amount of time we've known each other. So stop thinking I said you were old, Durff.

*Readings by SmallestBones/Flickr
*Earth by Alixandra Parisi
*Piano Photo by Celikin/Flickr


Patrick Woessner said...


Great post; you certainly rose to the challenge! Your philosophy is one that we can all embrace and I thank you for sharing!


BK said...

I've been following you on Twitter and once I began this comment challenge and found your blog on the list, I was curious.
As I read through your list of beliefs I think about my work with student teachers. I wonder how they would react to your list. Sadly, I think a few would not be able to relate to their responsibilities as teachers in the world we live in.
What do you think? How many teachers feel like you do,like I do? Is it necessary to feel the hairs on the back of your nick rise as they read through this list, one like it?

AT rookie said...

You have been tagged for another Meme...