Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Art of Procrastination

Procrastination. I'm getting very good at it. I sit down at the computer with the best of intentions. I have units to plan, lessons to create, research to complete.

But, first, let me just check my e-mail. Oh, someone new is following me in Twitter. Who is this person? One little click. This new person posted a blog. Let me read it and see if I want to follow her. Hmmm. I look at the clock. 10 minutes have gone by. And all I have done is decided not to follow someone new.

Okay, back to work. But, first, did I finish checking e-mail? Oh look. DEN has a new blog post. Steve has added new favorite links. Let me just check this out. 20 minutes later.

Back to... oh wait...did I check Twitter yet? First to replies. That should speed things up. I'll just see if anyone is talking directly to me. Two new conversations to add to. Now let me take a quick look at the posts that are just on the first page. But this conversation links back to a prior page. A little more clicking, some links to follow, new blogs to read, new applications to play with and.... one hour gone.

I know. I won't go online. I'll just open my bookbag and pull out my plan book. Things look good. I need to...oh, right...a note to myself. "Check to see if mixbook has an embed code." If it does, I can use it for our revamped Cinderella stories. The children are changing the setting, adding incredible language, and publishing the new versions. So, does mixbook have an embed code? Let's see. Open a browser and...wait, I see my name in the twitter messages. What is this conversation? Let me just....

Back to mixbook. It does have an embed code. I can use it. Let me just email Christine (my co-teacher) to tell her the good news. And, while I'm at it, maybe my twitter friends would like to know that too.

So, you see, I really do try to get my planning done. My computer life just keeps getting in the way. I think now it's time to go work on that social studies unit. I just have to finish editing this blog post....