Sunday, June 8, 2014

15 More Days

As I go online and see all my friends talking about summer trips, sitting by the pool, relaxing, I am still working every day.  School doesn't end for us until June 26th, the day before ISTE 2014!  So I teach on Friday and fly to Atlanta on Saturday morning, in time for the Global Education group Saturday afternoon.  
It is particularly difficult this time of year with the heat, the graduation practices, the excitement of summer to come.  So I spend my time trying very hard to find the joy in school, even as we pack up for the summer.

My friend, Donna Roman, wrote a blog about what her students remember about the year and their teacher.  You can read it here. I decided, while I had my kids write about each other, I would ask them to write about me.  You see, each year I give my students a certificate with traits on it from their classmates.  So I have each child fill out a form with a line for every student.  They have to write a complimentary trait and give an example.  I turn that into a certificate.  

This year, I added a line for myself.  Thanks, Donna, for the idea.

Here is what they will remember about me:

"The BYOD policy always makes me think she is the best teacher yet."
"She likes cats and I do, too."
"I will always remember all the hugs."
"She always smiles when I look at her."
"She is the nicest and funnest teacher in the school."
"She teaches us in fun, understanding ways."
"She taught me how to write essays."
"She loves us to interact with others."
"She is very accepting in work and always cares about feelings."
"She always tried to fix my messy handwriting."
"She connects all over the world."
"I could always make her laugh."
"She loves technology."
"She always cracks us up with her corny jokes."
"She never gave up trying to help me."
"She has lots of fun games to play."
"I will always remember her love for the world and wanting to help fix it."

This really did help motivate me.  I always wonder what they will remember.  My corny jokes, fun games, smiles, hugs, and caring about the world....hmmm....I can live with that!  What will you be remembered for?

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Anonymous said...

Hello Lisa. I was a part of your group at ISTE on Saturday and learned so much about collaborating globally. The work that you're doing is monumental. I'll be in touch.